Domestic violence - an insight into incest

  • Sudha Jha Pathak
Keywords: domestic violence, incest, social change, social issue


Gender-based violence has emerged as a global issue extending across regional, social, cultural and economic boundaries. Domestic violence is a universal phenomenon and one of the most vicious methods adopted by a patriarchal social system to keep women subordinated. However, domestic violence largely remains invisible since whatever is happening within the four walls of the house is regarded as a ‘private issue.’ It is a manifestation of unequal power relation signified by men’s domination over and discrimination against women. Of all the forms of violence against women, domestic violence remains the least reported and largely suppressed. In this paper while covering the wider subject of domestic violence, I would specifically deal with the issue of incest. Incest is a grave crime which is highly detrimental to the victim, leaving a long-term deleterious impact upon the victim. Incest unfortunately will persist as long as the collective conspiracy of silence within the family, the state and the society allows it to go on. This paper will argue that, the problem of incest needs to be tackled in a comprehensive manner at all levels - personal, societal and state.

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