Analysis of the challenges posed by legal education and the need of transformation in the contemporary times


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Legal Education, Legal Research, Innovative and Integrated Approach, DPSP, Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Social Justice, Economic Welfare


In a democratic country, like India, to meet the challenges of the legal knowledge domains of the 21st century, legal education must conform to the ideas of innovation, information sharing, knowledge application and its management at professional and institutional levels. Legal education is known to be inclusive of knowledge faculties of all the multi- disciplinary fields of education, and its correlation with other subjects to make it more relevant to meet the practical and professional needs. The ideas, philosophies, opinions, critical thought amongst others are instrumental in understanding the jurisprudential ideologies and an insight into the society that stands high on the morals of justice and equality. The paper aims to discuss how the modernization of legal education with the research and methodologies in the contemporary era with the inclusion of case studies, assignments, projects and field studies could be part of the academic curriculum, and delivery of these tasks on a time bound manner shall ensure the solving of the ground issues being faced by the society. Legal experts as rightly called are the social- engineers, who design and construct the legal framework in the society to deliver the demands of social, political and economic justice. The principles of social and economic welfare society can be promoted only through the integration of the legal framework in such a manner which shall visualize the rational and functional mechanisms to analyze the problems of law and order. Pedagogic skills integration into teaching is a work of art, and its amalgamation into the legal research makes it mandatory to keep an update into the means and methods of its delivery. Therefore, law can be envisioned to be a wheel that shall drive the vehicle forward to strengthen the democratic system by promoting the ideals of research in legal field. Research in law should not merely be accumulation of knowledge, instead must be pragmatic in approach to meet the demands of all forms of law, alike.