Plea bargaining in india

Striking a new 'deal' with criminal jurisprudence

  • Rupesh Aggarwal
  • Arnav Behera
Keywords: plea bargaining, India, Criminal jurisprudence, USA


With speedy justice being the most talked after term in the Indian judicial system, attention is brought towards the concept of plea bargaining. Plea bargaining has been the cynosure of attention ever since its introduction in the U.S.A. While there exists a plethora of scholarly literature on the subject, the gap between multifarious criticisms and constructive solutions has not been coherently bridged till now. Although the legislature has made an effort to give the concept a legal recognition, the crux of the mechanism remains restricted. This paper endeavours to reformulate the debate surrounding the current scheme of things, analyse the prevalent criticisms and further evaluate the viability of widening the scope of plea bargaining with regards to the speeding up of the criminal justice delivery system in our country by having all kind of offences covered within its conceptual framework.

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