The Nirma University Law Journal (herein after referred as ‘NULJ’) is a peer reviewed journal for dissemination of research and analysis of authors in the field of law. It aims at encourage writings that are inter-disciplinary in nature expounding contemporary issues across disciplines like Sociology, Political Science, Technology, Public policy and Economics etc. in the context of Law. NULJ is a Bi-Annually published journal. It showcases contemporary issues and challenges specific to law with an inter-disciplinary approach towards knowledge. The journal covers wide variety of subjects. All insightful contributions within such scope complying with the requirements of the journal’s standard polices are considered for publication. The manuscripts can be submitted well two months in advance of the publication of each of the bi annual issues of the journal.

ARTICLES / CASE COMMENTS / BOOK REVIEWS - The Journal invites Articles, Case Comments or Book Reviews pertaining to law and allied areas. The write up should be a comprehensive review of current/contemporary relevant legal issue(s)/question(s) that need to be analyzed and presented. Articles are meant to be short and easily readable pieces for the legal fraternity. Case Comments seek to provide crisp and precise understanding of the detailed important judgments which involve complex as well as relevant legal issues. Book Reviews are required to provide the brief insight in the contents of the books of relevance to the readers. The topic dwelt upon must be clear and lucidly presented without any ambiguity. The author’s stand on the issue(s) should be expressed comprehensively with clarity. The article should aim at understanding the issue(s) of current/contemporary legal importance. The word limit for the submission is 4000 – 6000 words, exclusive of footnotes and abstract.

NOTES AND CASE COMMENTS – Notes and Comments may include a brief analysis of a recent judicial pronouncement, legislation, book or any legal issue of relevance. The word limit for the submission is 2000 words, exclusive of footnotes and abstract.