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The Nirma University Law Journal (herein after ‘NULJ’) aims to encourage writings that are inter-disciplinary in nature expounding contemporary issues across disciplines like Sociology, Political Science, Technology, Public policy and Economics etc. in the context of Law. NULJ is a Bi-Annually published one and this showcases contemporary issues and challenges specific to law; with an inter-disciplinary approach towards knowledge. It has been the constant endeavour of the Institute of Law, Nirma University to become the beacon of legal education by encouraging synthesis of knowledge and best practices cutting across academia and research fraternity. To achieve this object NULJ have come up with a distinguished panel forming the Editorial Board to bring in diversity and quality submissions for the issues of NULJ.


Nirma University Law Journal is inviting submissions for the December 2021 Edition



This issue (December 2021) of NULJ is dedicated to the theme ‘Law, Society and Technology in 21st Century’. The journal invites submission from the discipline of Law, Social Sciences, and others, encourages interdisciplinary research based submissions – research papers, articles, policy briefs having national and international significance – on the following sub-themes.


  • Law, Society and Technology – impacts, changes in human lives, governance, law regime
  • Access to justice, socio-legal dimensions of technology and law
  • Role and use of technology for good governance
  • Issues of status and human identity with advanced use of technology
  • Recognition, jurisdiction and national interest
  • Use of technology, digitisation and future of workforce
  • Legal debates on issues of privacy, data creation, protection, and use
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