Demystifying the role of artificial intelligence in legal practice

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Keywords: artificial intelligent, legal practice, Error, machine, Human qualities, efficient


Artificial Intelligence in its literal sense means machine intelligence which is used to ease the workload of Humans. Marvin Lee Minsky and John McCarthy, two American computer scientists stated that Artificial Intelligence is when a machine uses its own intelligence to perform a task. Artificial Intelligence is designed to portray human-like qualities such as planning, reasoning, problem solving, speech recognition, thinking and many more activities; the difference being it is enabled to work at a much faster and more efficient way. The goal of this study is to find out the different complications an Artificial Intelligence can overcome in the legal field and the uses of Artificial Intelligence in the legal field. The use of Artificial Intelligence in the legal field can replace the paralegals. It can be used to overcome the difficulty of finding precedents of a case or to draft a contract for a company or between two individuals, it can also be used to scrutinize the terms of contract between two parties. The risk of error will be reduced to a bare minimum with the help of artificial intelligence. This paper also reviews the various Artificial Intelligence such as ROSS intelligence, KiraSystems, LawGeex and eBrevia which are put to use in the legal field. This paper focuses on exploring the various functions of Artificial Intelligence in the legal field. It is anticipated that this paper will give a brief understanding to the people about Artificial Intelligence and its application in the legal practice.

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